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Diamond Jewelry By Gilbert Jewelry of Arizona 1073 E Baseline Rd Gilbert, Az 480.646.3937Finding that perfect diamond can be hard to do especially if you take in consideration the color, clarity, carat and cut you are looking for as well. At Gilbert Jewelry of Arizona not only do we provide a large selection of diamonds and diamond jewelry, but we will also work our hardest to find you the diamond your are looking for. When you come into our shop, you will find that we provide some of the best possible options for you and that our staff is not only knowledgeable, but also very friendly. Some things you need to consider when you re looking to buy a diamond:

  • Color: (Graph Used for demonstration purposes & does not represent the actual color) Many experts say that color is one of the main considerations in choosing a diamond. A diamonds grade is measured on an alphabetical scale from D-Z. D’s being Colorless and Z’s being light yellow. Color differences are subtle and impossible for the untrained eye to determine.
  • Clarity: All diamonds have identifying characteristics and most are invisible to the naked eye. Jewelers use a 10x loupe which allows them to see the appearance of tiny crystals. There are 5 grading levels of a diamond that affect clarity. Fl – Flawless all the way to I1-I3, which is diamonds with inclusions.
  • Carat: (Graph is not to actual scale.) Carat is commonly confused with size of the diamond when in fact it applies to the actual weight of the diamond. One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. One diamond can be divided into 100 points creating .75 carats or ¾ carat and its the same for .33 carats or 1/3 carat diamonds.
  • Cut: The cut refers to the shape of the diamond Round, Princess, Oval etc) and it also refers to the precision of the cut of the diamond. A diamonds cut will influence its flair and radiance. We can always design you a custom piece of diamond jewelry as well. Check out this page to learn more about our custom jewelry options







All of these factors of diamond quality will effect the price of the diamond. Our professional staff will be able to show you many different diamond choices of color, clarity, carat(size) and cut that will fit your price range for your new ring. If you are looking to learn more about diamond jewelry visit us here or call us today. To find that perfect engagement diamond ring check out the information here.


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